Nashville Friends Meeting

An unprogrammed Quaker meeting in the heart of Nashville, TN 

All are warmly invited to worship on Sundays at 10am (onsite or online) and Thursdays at 9:30am (online only). Masks are welcomed but no longer required onsite.


Nashville Friends Meeting is a faith community called together to listen for and carry out what God/the Divine would have us do, individually and together. We worship in quiet waiting upon the Divine, during which anyone who is led by the Spirit to speak is welcome to speak as led.

Grounded in the knowledge that there is "that of God" (also called the Light, the Seed, or the Christ) within every person, we seek to live in wholeness and to be faithful according to that Truth. Because of this, we strive to let our lives speak, demonstrating to each other and the world our testimonies of integrity, community, peace, equality, simplicity.