Minutes and Committees

Public Minutes

Sometimes the meeting is moved to witness to an issue in our society by writing a public minute. These minutes typically explain our perspective on the issue, the spiritual foundations of this perspective, and actions that we recommend or commit ourselves to taking.

These excerpts from the past four decades offer a picture of our witness. The full texts are available here.

Other Minutes

In addition to public minutes, we write minutes that are only intended to keep track of our ongoing work. These are written during meetings for worship with attention to business, such as when we accept a committee's report or make a decision, and are distributed to Friends in the Nashville Friends Meeting community via our email list after the meeting.


Much work of the meeting begins in small committees. These currently include:

Other individual positions of responsibility are also crucial to the work of the meeting, including:

For more information about these committees and positions, feel free to email the clerk (clerk@nashvillefriendsmeeting.org).